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michale / Leden / michale



290 keer bezocht sinds 29 December 2017, 04:19
Naam James Smith
Geboortedatum 22-1-1993
Leeftijd 25
Woonplaats new york, Verenigde Staten

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29 December 2017, 04:25

Laser Welding Booster Vehicle Lightweight

Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method using high energy density laser beam as heat source. It is one of the important aspects of laser material processing technology application.

At present, with the adjustment of energy structure and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the automotive industry is developing towards a lightweight direction. The use of new lightweight materials is one of the effective means to achieve vehicle lightweight. With its unique advantages, laser pointer welding plays a more and more important role in the realization of lightweight materials.

green laser pointer

At present, the automotive lightweight technology realized mainly through the following several ways: light material proportion continues to rise, the application Aluminum Alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, high strength steel, plastic and powder metallurgical and ecological composite materials and ceramics etc.; module structure optimization and parts of the design level has been constantly improved, such as the use of the front wheel drive, high rigid structure and lightweight suspension structure to achieve the purpose of lightweight, integrated computer aided technology (including CAD/CAE/CAO) development and structure analysis technology; promote automobile industry innovation in forming method and connection technology.

In the above three ways to achieve vehicle lightweight, 5mw laser pointer cutting and laser welding have unique advantages and become an important technical means to achieve vehicle lightweight. As laser welding, laser welding is no contact, in the process, can not touch the products can achieve precision welding, while the traditional connection mode, some rely on the scr

Laser processing technology is one of the important ways to realize automobile lightening. In the future, laser technology is widely used in the field of automobile. In order to achieve better use of laser technology, must be systematically the interaction mechanism of laser processing, nondestructive detection and control theory based on laser and materials; theoretical study on laser deep penetration welding, the development of three-dimensional burning laser welding technology and equipment; of different thickness and different automotive materials, especially lightweight laser processing the material of welding technology and equipment.

29 December 2017, 04:22
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